Mindful breathing technique and meditation to promote LOVE and Kindness

Our breath is a perfect expression to the dynamic exchange of giving and receiving LOVE. Notice when we resist inhaling or exhaling we feel discomfort. 

Mindful Movement and Omm Poses will elevate your heart rate and your mood 🙂

Bring attention to LOVE with a mindful journal entry

When forgiving yourself and others, write it down, tear it out and let it go. Let go of who and what does not serve you. This does not mean you have to spend time with this person or agree with their actions. This allows you to release the pain and open up to more LOVE. (This may not happen right away. The more you practice this meditation, the more present LOVE will become in every aspect of your life. 

Write down the following:

I forgive _____ for ______   

I forgive myself for _______________________  

Choose one or do them all

I love my….  

I love that I can……   

I love when……   

I love to see…. 

I love how…..

I show compassion and empathy when I…..

I am grateful for…..

Loving Reflections and Affirmations:

Go in front of a mirror or get a hand held one. Look into the mirror at yourself. Embrace your beautiful face then gaze into your eyes. Say what you love about yourself. Physical features as well as Loving gestures you do (or plan to do) for yourself and others. i.e.. I love my strong body and mind,  I want to eat healthy because I love the way it feels. I love my ability to forgive. I love how I recognize the gifts in others, I will listen with LOVE and without judgment. I trust the flow in life and my eyes see the beauty in all people and things. I see LOVE everywhere! 

This can feel a little weird and even be difficult for many people. If you are having trouble or start to say something negative just stop and witness where this is coming from, do not judge, just stop, notice, take a deep breath and change your lyrics into ones of LOVE. I am deserving of LOVE. I forgive myself and others to allow more room in my heart for LOVE. I show compassion and empathy by listening, hearing and feeling love for others. I see LOVE in everyone and everything. I am peace – harmony – laughter  and of course LOVE 🙂

LOVE Vocab – Practice a LOVING dialogue with these simple definitions describing the meaning of the LOVE – Compassion – Empathy – Peace – Harmony – Forgiveness – Worthiness – Kindness

Make a LOVE playlist with these LOVE songs. Add your faves!

The Greatest LOVE of all – George Benson or Whitney Houston

All you need is LOVE –  The Beatles

What is LOVE – Haddaway

LOVE stinks – J Gyles Band

LOVE will find a way – Pebo Bryson

Can you feel the LOVE tonight- Elton John

LOVE Yourself – Justin Bieber

A crazy little thing called LOVE – Queen

I want to know what LOVE is – Foreigner

Endless LOVE – Lionel Richie and Diana Ross

How deep is your LOVE The Bee Gees

Sweet LOVE  – Lionel Richie

Silly LOVE songs – Paul McCartney or Wings 

What’s LOVE got to do with it  – Tina Turner 

Looking for LOVE – Johnny Lee

Let your LOVE Flow The Bellamy Brothers

LOVE Myself – Hailee Steinfield

I will Always LOVE You –  Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston

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