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Our Purpose

Empower every student, everywhere to relieve stress and create true success.

Our Mission

Provide a global resource to learn, inspire, and teach OmmWorks evidence-based program.

Our story began when founder Kathi Donnelly was a student in grade school. She grew up in a large family, number 8 out of 9 children. Growing up there was a lot of love and as you can imagine; some chaos, but she thrived with the freedom to play, create, and move. When she began going to school, she found it difficult to focus (ADHD), struggled with reading (dyslexia) and was not your typical learner. She often felt the teacher’s frustration with her when repeating “Pay attention Kathi, focus!” She felt “stupid” and began acting out. You know, one of “the bad” kids. This made school difficult until her PE teacher in 4th grade Mr. Johnson pointed out gifts such as strength, coordination with movement, high performance and focus with sports, specifically gymnastics. When other teachers saw no focus; he saw strength, concentration, leadership skills, focus and pointed them out. Once she felt freedom to move, create and connect with her unique abilities, she began to feel more confident and have better relationships with others; giving her motivation to do her personal best in school and live with vision and purpose. Traits that are not always taught in school, but essential for student success in school and to thrive into adulthood.

Fast forward 40+ years, Kathi has been enjoying a very successful life. Living her passion by traveling worldwide as a professional dancer, collaborating with others, teaching thousands of kids – adult gymnastics, dance, yoga/wellness and most importantly how to connect with their unique gifts to best serve themselves and the world around them.

OmmWorks programs are inspired by Kathi’s childhood experience and her struggle and healing with anxiety in adulthood after having her kids. Returning to movement and getting deeper into meditation, mindfulness, journaling, and cognitive therapy helped her heal and equip her with tools and techniques to stay healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. Not to mention become more present in her relationships and have enthusiasm towards life. #ChopraCenter

At OmmWorks, we know there is no such thing as a “bad kid” or a “stupid kid”, Every student has unique gifts, and everyone can feel successful! Everyone also experiences stress in their lives. So, we make sure our programs are fun, practical, inclusive, informative and have positive outcomes for all mental, physical and social abilities! Our highly qualified and motivating team is dedicated to get you connected with yourself and your unique potential.



Kathi Donnelly

Editor & Certified Instructor


Michelle Gordon

Director of Services & Products


Mimi Wells

Curriculum Writer & Managing Instructor


Alex Toribio

Editor & Certified Instructor


Jennifer Maletto

Certified Instructor


Yumie Britt

Advisory Board


Margaret Gaestel (Peggy)

Clinician Consultant & Trauma Specialist


Ivy Hodges

Advisory Board/PE Health Content Specialist

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Danielle Dalsey Kimball, A.M.I., M.Ed.

Virtual Training Coordinator and Early Childhood Expert, Research and Development


Nina Strane, A.M.I.

Spanish Ambassador and Early Childhood Advisor


Louis De Monfort

Advisory Board / Information Technology


Beate Rissbacher

OmmWorks certified trainer


Martina Dobrovicova

OmmWorks certified trainer


Petra Lottig Global Partner UK

OmmWorks certified trainer