Be your favorite LOVE song & LOVE Thy Selfie : )

Author: Kathi
Posted on: 19th, Sep, 202


LOVE is the song we sing to ourselves…  

What is your favorite LOVE song?  OOhh, there are so many good ones!   Some of my faves are; All you need is LOVE,  What is LOVE, LOVE stinks,  LOVE will find a way, Can you feel the LOVE tonight,  LOVE Yourself,  A crazy little thing called LOVE, I want to know what LOVE is, Endless LOVE,  LOVE Myself,  How deep is your LOVE and Sweet LOVE are just a few of the many LOVE songs that can bring us to connect with LOVE. Which one are you singing at this time in your life? If you just had a nasty break up, well then maybe LOVE Stinks is your song of choice. If you have just fallen in LOVE you could be belting out the ever romantic Endless LOVE, or perhaps you want to know what LOVE is? Well, in that case you would be singing I want to know what LOVE is.  In the classic Paul McCartney song he sings…  “ Some people want to fill the world with silly LOVE  songs. What’s wrong with that? I need to know, cause here I go agaaaain! “  

Anyone who knows me also knows that I have always LOVED music and lyrics! Songs can make us smile, cry, move, groove and instantly connect with others. They can bring us right back to a moment in time, visualize the future and live gloriously in the present moment!  A song can be a mantra or dialogue to have with the self.  It’s simple my friends – Whatever song you sing to yourself is what will show up in your life! Make it a self LOVE song! 

LOVE lives in you and through you and no one deserves your LOVE more than you. Let’s say that again… No one is more deserving of your unconditional LOVE than you! And it’s your choice to LOVE yourself or not, regardless of where you are in your life cycle or season, nor what you have done or what has happened. LOVE is always there for you! Read on and discover, or rediscover the LOVE within your selfie and how to connect to the abundance of LOVE all around you. After you read, follow a simple practice that will guide you to bring awareness to your heart center,  feel the LOVE within you and notice the LOVE that is sprinkled everywhere in your life! Be gentle with yourself and remember….   

Practice makes present. Meaning; what you practice saying, doing and singing is what becomes present in your life. So please speak kindly with LOVE and know that I…I Will Always LOVE You.

Let’s begin with the SELFIE;)

In this millennium we sometimes feel LOVE only when we get a certain number of likes on social media, win a  game, make the grade, get the job/promotion, get the guy/girl or be accepted into the “right” school or social group. We can also find ourselves “Looking for LOVE in all the wrong places” such as a vacation destination, jewelry, a new car or in another person. When we don’t find the LOVE we were searching for, we can feel empty, not worthy and have a negative outlook on life.  When these negative thoughts or behaviors continue illness can manifest and we can even turn to harmful or addictive behaviors with food, alcohol, drugs and toxic relationships. LOVE can also be perceived more about what we have rather than who we truly are. Who we are should be the first thing we ask ourselves in our quest for true LOVE.   OK, Hold up!!!!  I’m not saying jump off social media. I LOVE Facebook (Can you tell I’m a mom:), I get to catch up on my family & friends all over the world, post, share comments, ect. It’s so cool, technology rocks right. It’s fun to get “likes”, win a gamme. And what’s not to LOVE about a nice vacation or a great outfit? All I’m saying is LOVE is an inside/out job, and it begins inside of you – Self LOVE is when we LOVE ourselves…truly love and accept ourselves. You know, even the stuff you won’t post on instagram;) Only then will you feel deserving of LOVE and be able to LOVE others freely. Only then will you be able to give and receive LOVE, compassion, forgiveness & empathy…. Oh empathy, what a beautiful expression of LOVE.  Empathy is connecting, powerful and one of the top qualities in our greatest world leaders,  Dr Martin Luther King, Ghandhi, Abe Lincoln, Oprah and Deepak. They are all empathetic and powerful! Their empathy begins with self LOVE. And just like them, we all have the ability to choose LOVE.  

To fully encompass self LOVE and keep the dynamic exchange of giving and receiving LOVE flowing in our lives we must first release what burdens our heart such as anger, fear, unforgiveness, resentment, unworthiness and shame. When we can let go of what shadows our self LOVE, we then open ourselves to an abundance of unconditional true LOVE. Self LOVE is not about the ego or thinking we are better than others, nor is it selfish.  It’s recognizing we are all worthy and deserving LOVE. Don’t we all deserve LOVE? Of course we do and LOVING the self benefits you and your LOVED ones.   

So go on…  LOVE Thy Selfie, strike a pose for those fun, fancy, goofy, pretty pics you post. Just remember to LOVE yourself, your beautiful, unique self. You so deserve it!

I will leave you with a line from perhaps my favorite LOVE song called The Greatest LOVE Of All – written by: Michael Masser and Linda Creed sung by George Benson and Whitney Houston. Both versions are great! This is a song that my LOVING mother Agnes Dalsey instilled in me.  Thanks Mom 🙂

Sing the course…..”I found the greatest love of all, it’s happening to me, I found the greatest love of all inside of me; And if by chance that special place, you’ve been dreaming of, leads you to a lonely place. Find your strength in LOVE.”

Sing this song to yourself everyday or find a song that suits you. For your song becomes your truth, and when you fill yourself with love it will flow in every aspect of your life!  Parents, caregivers, educators, clinicians, please, please, please share this with your kids. They learn how to love themselves from you! 

Ok, I’m really feeling the LOVE! How about you? Tina Turner asks in her song…. What’s LOVE got to do with it???   

The answer my friends …..EVERYTHING!!

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Much LOVE to You and Yours,

❤ Kathi

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